About Us


Our Approach

At Utah Medical Gas we have a take a huge amount of pride in what we do.  We understand that sometimes these medical gases could mean the difference between life and death.  Our technicians are all licensed, certified and properly trained to install any gas that is used in a health care facility.

Our Story

Utah Medical Gas got its beginning when master plumber Brandon Taylor saw a need for more licensed and properly educated plumbers to help install medical gas in doctor's offices, dentist offices and even veterinary clinics.

Meet the Team

This is just a handful of the great people who make things possible at Utah Medical Gas. We have built our team out of the best and brightest here in the Salt Lake Valley. You can expect to see these great people leading your next project.


Brandon Taylor

Founder & CEO

Brandon is a certified master plumber with a huge range of experience. This makes him an ideal leader for the company.


Ron Pearson

Med Gas Technician

Ron knows what it takes to get a project done the right way. When Ron installs a unit or fixture you can rest assured that it will stay fixed.


Mitch Neiberger

Project Manager

Mitch is a great project manager because of his excellent attention to detail. Having Mitch arrive at your facility helps ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time.

Speak with our installation department

We are happy to speak with you about your medical gas installation or repair needs. Regardless of the size of your facility, we can help get things running safely and correctly.