Small Practitioners

We provide full service to all doctor's offices, family practitioners and of course veterinary clinics.  Our technicians service all ventilation, waste, medical gas and water connections.

Dentists and Oral Surgeons

We have extensive knowledge and experience servicing dentist offices.  Whether your facility is being remodeled, built from the ground up or your piping needs to be repaired or replaced we can professionally handle any situation.


Safe and sanitary installations and repairs are of the utmost importance to our company.  As such our technicians are all licensed and certified through the National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC).


New construction and project planning.

Our team can help with your new project regardless of what phase of development you are.  It is our job to help ensure that your buildings plumbing and medical gas installation makes sense.  We are here to help keep costs down while obtaining a high level of safety and health for your staff and patients.

Dentist office installation and repair

We are one of the largest and prolific medical gas companies in the Salt Lake Valley.  Countless dentist offices have utilized our capabilities to get upgrade their existing offices or begin right on the ground level.


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