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How can a dentist find a local medical gas installer

Medical gas is an essential lifeline that is utilized for certain procedures by many dental clinics. It may be hard to find the correct candidate that has the certifications to safely install medical gas piping in your clinic. Below you will find things that will help you find the perfect local medical gas installer to install your medical gas piping.

Initial research can be found online.

medical-gas-installation-companyResearching for a reputable local gas piping installer is the first step to finding the perfect company for the installation. Good signs that you could find is a company with a big online presence, meaning they have a consistent online profile with 4 – 5-star reviews from customers that are well composed and intelligible that complement the company and shows their reputation in being a top of the line medical gas piping installers. A good rule of thumb is to find a company that has the right balance between their overall score and the number of reviews they have received online.

Ask for certifications and safety training.

Installing medical gas is a large responsibility. In some situations, their correct application can be the difference between life and death. Having a certified professional install your medical gas system is not only responsible, it is also legally mandated. Ask for certifications, this includes having a minimum of four years of documented practical experience in the field of installing plumbing and other mechanical systems and also have completed at least a minimum of 32-hour training course conducted by a medical gas systems instructor certified to ASSE Standard 6050.

Request that your medical gas installer provide previous work.

Working with a company that has years of experience is highly recommended. Asking about previous work they have completed similar to your situation is a good step in the right direction.
When contacting a company, have them walk you through their process and have them address all your safety concerns and questions. Think of working with a medical gas installer along the same lines as hiring someone. The more information you have about the person filling the position the better you are equipped to make a sound decision.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about medical gas installation or safety standards please call our office at (801) 810-4741. We are happy to speak with you anytime, day or night.

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