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Instrument Air

Utah instrument air company.

Medical instrument air is used to drive certain medical equipment. It has become a new preferred alternative to using nitrogen to power surgical tools. Years ago air compressors could not reach the purity standard required by the Instrument Society of America and the NFPA. The only choice was to use nitrogen stored in large cylinders. Things have now changed, hospitals and medical facilities can now compress their own medical air to a quality and property similar to stored nitrogen. It order to be used in a medical facility instrument air must be free of particles and contamination. It also has to be odorless, oil-less, and dry so water and debris will not build up in the piping system.


Instrument air installation and repair

Larger healthcare facilities will have their own on-site air compressor that will create and purify instrument air to meet their needs. For many smaller offices, solo practitioners or even dentists using nitrogen stored in canisters is going to be a more viable option. Regardless of the setup, our specialized team of licensed and insured contractors is ready to install and repair your medical gas lines. Utah Medical Gas is one of Salt Lake City’s finest installation and repair companies. We serve the entire Wasatch Front including but not limited to Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County and Summit County. Our technicians arrive promptly at your facility every day to ensure every job is completed as efficiently as possible.

Don’t trust just anyone with your medical gas.

Whether you are dealing with a potentially life-saving operation or a routine check-up. The medical air system that drives your important tools needs to be dependable and work perfectly every time. If you want the best services at the best prices call Utah Medical Gas at (801) 810-4741 today.

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