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When we think of breathing the air we usually think of the word oxygen. However, most of the air that we breathe is only 19 percent oxygen with other gases as well. Many medical situations call for a higher concentration of oxygen and must be considered medical grade in order to be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Perhaps more than any other gas that we install oxygen is vital to saving lives. In a medical setting oxygen:

  • Is the basis for almost all modern anesthetic techniques.
  • Aids in respiration.
  • Provides life support to patients that must be artificially ventilated.

Salt Lake City Oxygen Installation

At Utah Medical Gas we take the installation and repair of oxygen lines extremely serious. If a job is not done correctly it could mean the difference between life and death. We are here to provide dependable service regardless of your needs. Whether you are building a new facility, remodeling a current location or need to update your medical gas delivery system our team is here to achieve those goals.
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