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WAGD – Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal

Utah WAGD installation company.

A WAGD system is a mechanical unit that supplies a facility’s waste anesthetic gas disposal pipeline distribution system. These systems are essential for anesthesiologists and operating room staff in a medical facility. Essentially these units pull waste anesthetic gas that is produced when anesthesia is used during surgeries, typically in a Category 1 healthcare facility. It is vital for the safety of the medical staff and patients alike that these gases are properly moved from the operation room so they cannot collect and build up. A large part of the functionality of a WAGD system is have them continuously pull or vacuum these medical gases. This is achieved by only working with an adequately licensed and insured medical gas installation company.

WAGD system maintenance.

Just like any other plumbing utility or mechanical unit, maintenance from time to time is going to be necessary. Part of our maintenance plan is to ensure that your medical gas vacuum system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. More importantly is to ensure that your system is free from any gas leaks. Even small leaks present in your system can build up over time in rooms or areas of a medical facility. Prolonged exposure to the anesthetic gas can be hazardous to patients and staff. Along with the health concerns, any buildup of gases can lead to an increased risk of fire or even explosions.

Determining the right system.

There is more than one option when it comes to medical gas removal systems. Several factors will determine what system is right for your facility. Such considerations that need to be taken into account are any already installed medical gas piping systems and the types of gases your facility uses. If you are the director or decision maker of a medical facility and are looking for a reliable medical gas contractors, we invite you to give us a call 801-810-4741. We are happy to provide a comprehensive, no-obligation quote covering our recommendations, costs and timeframes.

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